06/22/17 – Layla London – 1296

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Layla London – 1296 – H2 Ho
At the beginning Layla stays out of the water for as long as she can without fainting. The only thing she wears is a very loose fitting cotton shirt that easily spills jiggly body parts either top or bottom. After she gets in the pool it’s like a wet t-shirt show with everything showing through the white cotton material. Most of the time however she has her boobs totally hanging out of the shirt and she is also bottomless so all of her best assets are out in the open for ogling. There’s quite a lot more boob footage than we would normally get owing to her quite impressive rack that demands our attention. Her boob jiggling is top quality and also quite frequent throughout this scene. She also gets down on all fours on the shelf of the pool and bobs her ass up and down in the waterline. There’s decent segment of our sitting-backwards-on-a-chair style footage with the chair in the pool. Though we obviously could get the underside view due to the water it does show all the other obvious angles with her now naked curves all out in the open and twerking and jiggling around freely.


Vid – 21:38m
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Layla London – 1296 – Bitchin’ Heat
Now lying on the bench beside the pool Layla uses a few cubes of ice to keep cool with some of it finding it’s way into her pussy. There’s some pretty nice pussy and ass close up shots with melted ice all dripping down over her girlie bits.


Vid – 05:35m
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