06/24/17 – Cherie DeVille – 1297

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Cherie DeVille – 1297 – Mountain Do

This video has a brief non-porn intro showing part of the journey to this shoot location. Skip to 1:11 to see the actual shoot. A two hour hike into the mountains (not shown here) followed this drive to a rather unusual place for a nude girl to show up. This set is a bit shorter than usual owing to the fact weather conditions were a bit chilly and windy and far from ideal. However Cherie is a real pro and pulls off an admirable performance along with a few goose bumps and even seems to have fun doing it. She quickly strips from her white jean shorts and then stuffs her panties all the way inside her pussy until they disappear. It culminates with a very enthusiastic finger masturbation session and an apparently real orgasm in spite of the chill. She keeps the momentum going with the panties stuffed up her pussy once again while she fingers her ass hole and rubs her pussy to another climax. At the end she puts her jean shorts and top back on and finishes with a brief bit of posing against the waterfall laden mountainside in the background.


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