07/04/17 – Val Dodds – 1301

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Val Dodds – 1301 – Tall-e-Ho.

Tall girl Val looks pretty hot in spite of a few scars and bruises. She gets fully naked within less than 10 minutes leaving the majority of this clip for bare pussy and ass inspection. She gapes her vagina wide open on multiple occasions giving a very explicit view of her private places.


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Val Dodds – 1301 – Skanks a Lot.

Val’s finger masturbation session has mix of finger dabbling and light pussy rubbing. Things are not too passionate at this point as it is mostly just a warm up for the toy action that follows. Her crab walk position gets her assets nicely displayed in your face.


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Val Dodds – 1301 – Your Val Cum.

Val’s toy is somewhat of a multitool with a vibrating finger attached to stimulate her clitoris while she fucks herself. With a bit of frantic jiggling the toy around in her pussy she brings the action to a climax.


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