07/10/17 – Holly Hendrix – 1303

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Holly Hendrix – 1303 – Dreamy Hendrix.

Tiny Holly is an absolute bombshell in her snug little dress with tight and tidy curves showing through beautifully under the fabric of the dress. Her bend forward pose really pops her ass curves out in impressive style.


Vid – 07:47m
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Holly Hendrix – 1303 – Itsy Bit See.

Holly soon gets completely naked and this entire clip just focuses on pussy and ass inspection with multiple revealing positions. She does some pretty awesome pussy spreading with her fingers well out of the way to show everything unimpeded. She also squats virtually on your face at the edge of the bench. She ends this with a subtle but beautifully executed bend over twerk with a wobble worthy of a much bigger girl.


Vid – 09:15m
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Holly Hendrix – 1303 – Ass end to Heaven.

Lying on her side on the bench Holly has a little poke around up her ass using just her fingers. There’s two outstanding positions lying on her side and then bending over ass up with excellent close up views up her ass crack.


Vid – 06:45m
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Holly Hendrix – 1303 – Crawl me some time.

This is all bend over posing with a bit of back and forth motion involved as she uses the fully width of the bed to crawl around from side to side. Bend over posing doesn’t get much better than this with her sexy undercarriage beautifully exposed and undulating with crawling motion to enhance the view.


Vid – 04:27m
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Holly Hendrix – 1303 – A Game of Back Jammin’.

Holly now uses a dildo for some more intense anal insertion while lying on her side on the bench. It’s quite explicit with close up shots of freshly fucked asshole winking in your face and lubey goop oozing out of her ass at times. She heats up the action with some passionate ass fucking to finish the video.


Vid – 08:03m
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Holly Hendrix – 1303 – Cum for a Holly Day.

Scene 2
This scene was Holly’s original casting with us and has a slightly more amateur look with her own make up. She does a little strip tease peeling out of a grey fabric and leather dress and zebra striped panties. After getting naked she masturbates using just her fingers to rub out a quickie on top of the coffee table.


Vid – 09:11m
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