07/13/17 – Aaliyah Love, Cleo Vixen – 1304

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Aaliyah Love, Cleo Vixen – 1304 – Twin Peeks.

Both Aaliyah and Cleo do a quick solo tease each before the lesbian content of the following clips. Both wear a matching bra and panty set and though they don’t get fully naked there is a bit of bare ass crack with the panties pulled aside.


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Aaliyah Love, Cleo Vixen – 1304 – Bend Ass Lick.

With Cleo having one of the most smooth and beautiful asses and Aaliyah knowing how to chow down on a girls ass it makes sense that we should focus on Aaliyah eating out Cleo’s gorgeous ass for the majority of at least one clip. Though it’s not quite done with ravenous passion she does it in such a way that does not obscure any of the beautiful assets and also gets out of the way on occasion to just spread her ass and dribble saliva down her ass crack.


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Aaliyah Love, Cleo Vixen – 1304 – Milf and Cookie.

This clip contains the main meat of the lesbian action going both ways with both pussies and asses getting some of the attention. The passion picks up considerably once Aaliyah gets her mouth wrapped around Cleo’s pussy in the latter half.


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