07/19/17 – Chloe Lane – 1306

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Chloe Lane – 1306 – There’s Something Meshing here.

Chloe’s best angles become apparent when she bends over and/or the view looks straight up her bottom end as her thick curves dominate the view. Her mesh dress stays on through most of this clip but with nothing on underneath and the dress pulled up you are gazing upon bare pussy and ass in no time.


Vid – 16:39m
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Chloe Lane – 1306 – Pretty Fuckin’ Lane.

Chloe uses a soft fleshy dildo to fuck herself while leaning back in the chair. She soon scoots her ass off the edge of the chair so that her booty hangs in mid air giving a nicely exposed view of all her best assets while she fucks herself. The penetration action is quite nice with a little bit of gooey pussy juice gathering around her vagina and anus.


Vid – 09:36m
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Chloe Lane – 1306 – Right up Chloe’s Lane.

Chloe’s speculum scene has all the positions including lying on her side and then on her knees with her ass in the air. She is quite serious through most of this but the mood changes near the end as we made her laugh a little bit. At the end she shoots the speculum out of her pussy using just her pussy muscles.


Vid – 05:03m
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