08/12/17 – Sophia Leone – 1314

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Sophia Leone – 1314 – A Half Assed Performance.

Sophia’s skirt is pretty hot with striped transparent windows showing off her thighs all the way up to nearly her ass. Pretty soon you are seeing half her ass with the skirt pulled up halfway over her ass in the bend over pose. Later with her top off we get an amazing low angle front side view as she bends down over you. The pose really shows off the curves of her hips and thighs in her super sexy skirt.


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Sophia Leone – 1314 – Sophia so good.

This is all nude posing now starting off with another great low angle front side view. The biggest chuck of this clip is spent with Sophia sitting backwards on the chair with her butt hanging out off the edge in ideal position for a good bit of ass worship. She jiggles her butt around quite a bit and also spreads her pussy at times. Towards the end she turns to lean back with her legs up and gapes her pussy wide open.


Vid – 08:51m
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Sophia Leone – 1314 – Chick ‘n Balls.

Sophia fiddles around with a set of balls on a string stuffing them up her pussy. She soon turns to doggy style to wag her butt around in the air with the string hanging out of her pussy. There’s no masturbation with this as it is really just decorative.


Vid – 03:49m
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Sophia Leone – 1314 – Cum to Maroon.

Now lying on top of the table Sophia uses the big vibrator to get herself off. The action is relatively moderate but culminates in a decent orgasm with obvious contractions. You can clearly see her vagina getting very wet as she nears orgasm. After she is done with the toy she spreads her vagina open showing of some impressive wetness.


Vid – 06:28m
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