08/18/17 – Esmi Lee – 1316

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Esmi Lee – 1316 – Hall ‘n Ass.

Esmi’s booty spilling shorts are pretty hot in this scene with elegant design in spite of being super slutty. She walks back and forth in the hallway through most of this clip, first in her shorts, then in her thong one piece and then naked. The close up walking butt shots are quite mesmerizing with excellent angles to admire her bulging butt cheeks in motion. Certainly the shorts are the highlight of this video.


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Esmi Lee – 1316 – How do you Ass Esmi?

Now fully naked Esmi gets down to the business of spreading her ass and pussy in your face. She is usually gaping her privates in one form or another in several positions. Her various prying and probing eventually morphs into a finger masturbation session in the second half.


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Esmi Lee – 1316 – Ho Lee Stick Therapy.

The masturbation gets serious now with the addition of a super large vibrator. With her legs pinned back her vagina pushes out hard and her butt hole flexes as she rattles her clitoris to a panting climax. There’s a lot of intensity to this scene as she continually holds her breath and then pants uncontrollably and appears to have a pretty potent orgasm.


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