08/24/17 – Lily Adams – 1318

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Lily Adams – 1318 – The Adams Fanny

Lily looks pretty cute in her matching bubblegum coloured bra, panty and hair bow. She even matches the curtains in the room. There’s a pretty nice cleavage tease before she takes the bra off followed by lots of bend over tease with the thong panty wedged in her crack. The latter half of this clip is all nude posing and includes a pretty fantastic pose lying on her side with all private bits well exposed. Near the end she does one of the best pussy spreads we’ve seen in a while.


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Lily Adams – 1318 – Cum Here Lily Girl.

Lily uses a soft floppy dildo to fuck herself in every kind of position. Her bend over and crab walk poses are especially prominent getting the bottom end out in mid air.


Vid – 10:05m
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Lily Adams – 1318 – Up an Adam.

Lying on her side Lily thrusts her ass out as much as possible while she pokes herself up the ass with one finger. There’s some pretty awesome up the butt views in the latter half as she lies on her front just spreading her ass and showing you the close up details.


Vid – 05:20m
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Lily Adams – 1318 – 3D.

This 3D format video has all content similar to the first clip above.


Vid – 08:07m
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