08/30/17 – Eliza Jane – 1320

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Eliza Jane – 1320 – Floral Display.

Eliza’s floral dress remains on through all of this tease video but offers some pretty easy up skirt views with it’s loose flowing style. Her flimsy little thong panty covers almost nothing in her ass crack and the pussy shows through the rest of it with a semi transparent fabric hiding little. She lies back on the table and wedges her panty thong right up her pussy showing off virtually everything and then pulls it aside to fully expose her pussy.


Vid – 11:07m
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Eliza Jane – 1320 – Vanilla Smoothie.

Now with the panties gone we get some more fantastic up skirt views from below as she dances around over your face. She spends quite a bit of time lying on her back on the table with her dress pulled up around her waist showing off her smooth bare pussy and ass. Her pussy spreading is pretty decent with her hands well out of the way for unobstructed views. The dress comes off 2 thirds into this clip and then she stands naked over your face with both font and rear perspectives.


Vid – 14:14m
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Eliza Jane – 1320 – Playin’ Jane.

Eliza gets down on the table again to rub out a quick finger masturbation session. She spends much of the time with her fingers buried up both her ass and pussy while the other hand vigorously rubs her clit to a climax.


Vid – 05:46m
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Eliza Jane – 1320 – See Jane Go.

This is an all nude walking scene with Eliza parading back and forth in the largest space the house had to offer. She’s not packin’ a lot of booty so she doesn’t wiggle so much though she moves with elegance and the front side views are especially nice. There’s an occasional pause at each end to spread her assets in your face.


Vid – 03:43m
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